viernes, 22 de octubre de 2021

Undelivered shipment

Hello ,

Hope I'm communicating with you directly at your email address;

I am Mr.Keith, Head of Operations with a Logistic company in packaging and courier department London. I seek your cooperation to help receive and secure in your country an abandoned Undelivered consignment containing a sum of US$5.5 million approximately estimated.

The consignment was supposed to have been delivered a long time ago to the receiver here in the UK.   I have just finalized a personal investigation and discovered that the delivery has Incorrect address and the consignee/receiver is not known at the delivery address. The original Sender of the consignment died in Canada years ago 2016.

I have been mandated by my company's management for re-delivery of the Undelivered consignment back to the sender, or it shall be returned to the company as a forfeited and unclaimed consignment within the next 29 days.

Since you are from HongKong as the deceased owner of the consignment, That's why I'm contacting you to receive the package for us to share the money 50/50. I think this is a fair decision that I took to contact you, instead of my company taking the money.

I have secretly arranged for immediate delivery of the consignment to you successfully as the rightful owner and without disclosing to anyone else nor to my company.

If interested, Please send me your (1) Full Names (2) Delivery Address (3) Contact Mobile Numbers (4) Any form of Identification. The money will be shared 50% for me and 50% for you, There's no Risk involved.

(1) To have a smooth and risk free transaction, you must agree to keep the entire transaction confidential, information must not be disclosed to any third party for security reasons and to protect my Job and personality.

(2) You must also agree to wire or deposit 50% of my own share into any bank account of my choice that I shall provide to you once the delivery is completed and the total amount US$5.5 million in your custody.

I hope to receive a positive response from you soon.
Best regards,

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